Quick Notes from the News

Stress and Health

Where:   June issue of Stroke: Journal Of The American Heart Association
Who:   Susan A. Everson, assistant research scientist in the department of epidemiology at the University of Michigan
What:   "We've found that exaggerated blood pressure reactions to stress are related to a greater risk of having a stroke."

Who:   Dr. Richard Earle, managing director of the Canadian Institute of Stress
What:   "The Worry Wart has trouble turning off thoughts.   Such people drive themselves at high levels and experience frequent anxiety and tension headaches under stress..."

Dr. Earle suggests "Worry Warts" try to isolate the source of worry and substitute another activity.

Worried Children

Who:   Sesame Workshop
What:   A study about 6 - 11 year-olds found that two-thirds of the children canvassed are worried about guns, death and violence.   That went up to 86% in the 9 - 11 year-old age group.

Exercise Improves Mental Outlook
August 3, 2001

Where:   Health Psychology (Journal of the American Psychological Association)
What:   A study in the July issue suggests even 10 minutes of continuous activity can ease tension, depression or anger.   Ten minutes of moderate exercise improved mood. (This doesn't apply to improved heart and lung fitness.   You still need more exercise for that.)

Gardening Reduces Anxiety
August 8, 2001

Who:   Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association
What:   Studies show that gardening can reduce anxiety and muscle tension and increase productivity and confidence.

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