Try these amusing and distracting links. They'll keep you busy and distracted for hours.

Caveat:   The Worry Bank hasn't checked all the sites personally so we can't guarantee the content or the privacy practices of the sites.   We did visit the ones listed directly, but not the ones in the lists of searches or pages that these links may link to.   Please keep in mind that sites change frequently and may have changed since we visited.

A great site for Baby Boomers to check out

The Present - a simple, but inspirational book

Brain Candy - Insults, riddles, jokes, humor wordplay mind games

Links to interesting sites - everything you ever wanted to know

Newspaper comics

More newspaper comics

Useless Knowledge (Trivia)

Dumb Criminal Acts


Joke of the Day

QueenDom - Online tests - get to know yourself

RefDesk - Great Reference Site

Information Please Almanac - Loads of Interesting Information


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